Your Chicago Marathon Carb Loading Headquarters!


Each October, 45,000 runners hit the streets of Chicago and embark on a 26.2 mile tour of the city. If you’re running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Sunday, October 13 you’ll need to load up on carbs! And if Rosebud knows one thing, it’s carbs! Our pasta has been energizing Chicagoans for 40 years.

Grab a big bowl of pasta and carb up before the run, or celebrate crossing the finish line with a post-race

victory meal!

Rosebud Restaurants Carbo Loading Locations

The Rosebud • 1500 W Taylor St., Chicago, IL • (312) 942-1117

Carmine’s • 1043 N Rush St., Chicago • (312)988-7676

Rosebud on Rush • 720 N Rush St., Chicago, IL • (312) 266-6444

Rosebud Prime • 1 S Dearborn St., Chicago, IL • (312) 384-1900

Rosebud Steakhouse • 192 E Walton St., Chicago, IL • (312) 397-1000

Carmine’s Rosemont • 70 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL • (312) 332-9500

Posted 09.22.19

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